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 Most of the materials that we source for our clothing are deadstock. This means that they are designer ends, that have not been used, and we have bought them, when they otherwise would have ended up in landfill. We are constantly striving to find ways in order to continue to make stylish, innovative clothing that is not harmful to the environment. 


Because our clothing is made out of deadstock, this means we only have limited material to use. Therefore most of the material gets used when manufacturing the product. In addition, our aim is to sell all of the products on our website. On the chance that we don’t, we will give them to relevant charities, instead of sending them to landfill. 


 Our clothing is all packaged in calico drawstring bags, which are extremely environmentally friendly. Made out of durable cotton, they are intended for repeated use. In addition, our packaging is with Australia post who have REDcycle bins where you can recycle your satchels. Australia post has great initiatives with their carbon offsetting. 

More information on where to recycle your satchels as well as Australia Post's environmental initiatives can be found here: 



 A large portion of the pollution the fashion industry causes has a lot to do with how the clothing is cared for once it is in the customers' hands. That is why on our website you can read about the different ways you can wash your clothes that will be better for the environment. Washing your clothes correctly will make them last longer as well.

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