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Our entire brand is based on being as ethical and sustainable as we possibly can. 

Therefore below we have a few tips on how to wash your clothes, to lessen the impact it has on the environment.

1.) Only wash when necessary

Do not wash your clothes after every time you wear them. Instead wait until they are dirty or you have worn them a few times.

2.) Use cold wash

A lot of the power usage from your washing machine comes from the heating. Cold washing will save energy and it is better for your clothes too.

3.) Avoid using the dryer

Especially in the summer months, it is better to line dry rather than use the energy required for the dryer to dry your clothes.

4.) Eco-friendly laundry soap

Use soaps that are made out of biodegradable natural ingredients. This means that your grey water won't harm the ocean when washed out to sea and they wash really well. We recommend soaps from the Ecostore and The Dirt. 

5.) Do full loads

A lot of the time we won't do full loads. However even, if you put less in the washing machine it still uses the same amount of energy. So it is better to have a designated laundry day to get it all done at once.